Alphabet Challenge– Letter “D”



Two picks for the Alphabet Challenge letter “D” this week–


My review: **** stars

A Day No Pigs Would Die is a book about a Shaker boy, Robert Peck, growing up in Vermont in a poor family. He skips school, and while playing hookie, comes upon a neighbor’s cow in the woods who is struggling to give birth. Robert helps the calf be born, but also discovers that the cow is struggling to breathe because of something in its throat, which he manages to remove (turns out to be a goiter), saving its life. Out of gratitude, the neighbor gives Robert a baby pig, that Robert comes dearly to love. The book is the tale of a boy, on the verge of becoming a man, and some difficult, painful lessons that he learns. I really enjoyed this book, with its quaint local dialect and phrasing– so did my son as I read it aloud to him on our errands


My review: ***stars

Aladar the iguanodon grows up on an island where there are no others like him. As an egg, he had been taken from his nest by a hungry carnotaur and was accidentally dropped on an island. A family of lemurs raises him, but he does know loneliness and the concern of never finding a mate. Aladar helps lead the island inhabitants escape from oncoming fire by going to the mainland and meets others like him. In the herd, the leader Kron, rules with an iron fist and can be known to bully. Aladar continues to do what he feels is right despite Kron’s objections. Kron ends up being killed by enemies and Aladar becomes leader.
The book broached several topics– difference, bullying, teamwork, perseverance, and can be used to talk to little ones about these topics. What I did not like, and thus my lower rating, was I think the list of characters can be confusing to a small child.

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