The First Annual Stacy and Daisy Awards!

x Stacy and Daisy Awards 3[1904]

Six Nominations from Stacy.
Six Nominations from Daisy.
Two Winners; the best books of the year we’ve read.
Welcome to the first annual Stacy and Daisy Awards! Every year, each of us will nominate our six favorite books published THAT YEAR, and on January 1, we will each pick our absolute favorite, the champions of them all… the Winners.
I want to note here that while there are many books published in 2016 and back that would have wound up on our lists, only books from 2017 qualify. I would also like to note that there are many, many more books than a couple ladies like us could possibly read that I’m sure, if we did, would wind up on these lists. But don’t despair, authors, if you don’t find your name below! We plan on continuing these awards each and every year, for as long as our blog shall live. 😉
And here are the 2017 Nominees:  (in no particular order)

(I will also note, that I read some good series’ in 2017, but since some of the series was published before 2017, they did not qualify….)

The Sunken Gold, by Joseph Williams

Sunken Gold, The_preview (1)
The Queen’s Mary, by Sarah Gristwood

The Foundling, by Paul Fronczak

The Police Woman, by Justin W. M. Roberts

The List of Ten, by C.L. Swinney

The Dance, by Joe Matlock


The Sunken Gold, by Joseph Williams

Sunken Gold, The_preview (1)
Isky: Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding, by Matt Stone

Match Race Mayhem, by Doug Boyce

Blue Ice, White Powder: A Ski Adventure Up Mont Blanc, by Jack Moscrop

Offshored, by Chris Myers, DC Downey

Days of Insult, by Erin Eldridge


Congratulations to all the winners! Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you Floatinggold for your helpful comments! We will definitely keep that in mind for the next one! I love getting feedback so that we can always improve! : )

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