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Here are just a few things I have done recently I thought I'd share. I saw this article that came across the wire yesterday that I thought would be of interest to some book readers. It is from "Time" magazine about why sometimes children's books should be a little sad. Time Two books that I... Continue Reading →

Leave Me A Link and I’ll Share Your Page!!

What a wonderful concept! Thank you! I have reblogged this at Happy New Year!

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Dream Big, Dream Often

As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

The basic rules are simple: leave me a link to your page.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want and I’ll cycle this post from day-to-day so more people can jump on board.  The link post I’ll create will publish on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime Tag

I have read 17 of the 100– hopefully knock some more out this year!

Book Jotter

How many have you read?

3d_books_stacked_picture_166357This is a first!

Brittany, a fellow book critic over at Perfectly Tolerable, has picked me, along with several others, to take part in her book tag.

The 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime list, which was compiled by the Amazon Book editors after much debate, was apparently influenced by two objectives: a) that the selection should cover “all stages of life” (hence the inclusion of children’s titles) and b) that it “didn’t feel like homework”.

It is certainly different from other lists of this type in that there are very few ‘heavy’ classics or challenging tomes included. Looking through the titles, I can see immediately that I read several of them many years ago, others more recently. A number of them are currently sitting on my overburdened book shelves (or creaking Kindle) waiting to be read (I have marked these TBR)…

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