Review:   A guide to dolls produced by various doll producers from 1700-1920's. With photos and details about each type of doll. Also shows a variety of doll houses from the same period. Original post:

Review: Aimed and written for children to help them think twice regarding starting to smoke. Discusses health and social impacts. Original post:

Review:   War, no matter the countries or people involved, is always bad. There are always those among the troops on both sides having wicked hearts and use the excuse of a weapon in their hands to do the evil in their hearts. Then there are those that don't want to kill anyone, "enemy" or... Continue Reading →

Review:   This is #1 in the Throckmorton Family series. I had initially read #6Sangria Sunsets gifted by the author, and he sent the series for me to read. So, from the onset, I was familiar (to some extent) with a few of the characters, or those mentioned in passing.This book centers on Alexander "Alex" Throckmorton,... Continue Reading →

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