Review: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Wow, this has been a crazy last couple of weeks. Yesterday was the first day (after 10) I was able to sit in a chair (albeit for just a bit, but what a relief!) due to my back screwing up, then one of my sons nearly severed his finger at work a... Continue Reading →

Review:   I liked this time travel fiction. No romance, but that was kind of refreshing. Marion has taken her two girls to the Abbey of Sparnstow ruins because the eldest of them has discovered she adores history. While waiting for her girls to finish their tour, Marion decides to sit beneath an ancient tree... Continue Reading →

Review:   Kevin has lost his business (due to a corrupt partner), his marriage (she left him for more money), and his children (they vie for the attention of their mother's new boyfriend because of what he can by them more than Kevin) and is overwhelmed with depression and on the verge of suicide in... Continue Reading →

Review: After being out of commission for more than a week due to my back, I am glad to finally get to post some reviews. Today is the first day since the 14th that I have been able to sit in a chair and what a relief it is! The upside of not being able... Continue Reading →

Review:   I did enjoy A Devil Of A Time by Gretchen Jeannette and how she vividly brings to life the colonial era and makes the characters, with their trials and tribulations seem very real and believable. Andrew and Clarice Wade were newlyweds when he volunteered to go to Spanish territory to secure gun powder as... Continue Reading →

Review:   This was a sweet, humorous, light, clean quick-read romance. Dorothea is a young adult out on her own. Recently fired from her job as a waitress, she needs to find employment quick. Her best friend Mel sees an ad for a job opening as an relationship advice columnist and urges Dorothea to apply... Continue Reading →

2 Interviews and Giveaways!!!

Read interview with NYT best-selling author Ariella Cohen and enter to win 1 of 3 copies of Sweet Breath of Memory! Read interview with author team N. N. Light and enter to win a copy of Planting The Seeds of Love: A Novella! Both giveaways end 6/20/2018-- Good luck! Original post:

Review:   Joanna is studying to become a lawyer, and all that is left to do is to take her bar exam, but she has been out of work for a while because of an accident and a boyfriend, when her father, Sir Hugo Langley dies. He has always been a distant father, and Joanna... Continue Reading →

Review:   I really enjoyed this book. I liked how the author used was able to craft vivid images with words. Pleasant Valley is a memoir, written after having been an ex-pat for nearly 30 years in many countries, but was always a bit homesick for his home in Ohio, where he had been born... Continue Reading →

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