Cute Children’s Book

Review:   Bertie the gardener and his dog Oscar like their life, and their tatty old brown floppy hats too. They wear them everywhere. One day though, Bertie sees someone with a different type of hat, one that makes the guy look important, and he wants to look that way too, so he puts his... Continue Reading →

  The oldest twins of the Sullivan family both enlist to serve in WWII... Harriet as a WAC nurse and Harry in the army, and end up in the same location in northern Africa. Harriet learns Harry has been injured and is being hid the day after she married her childhood sweetheart and Harry's best... Continue Reading →

Review: I just finished this and it was good. I am now starting #2 in the series, Poacher's End. Strange happenings are going on off of Alaska's coast. Older retired couples enjoying their golden years murdered in particularly heinous fashions, a cop is killed, and a Skipper Frank Mattituck gets caught up in the investigation (deputized by... Continue Reading →

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