Review: A biographical retelling (with fictional bits to fill in the holes) of Anna Leonowens life. A daughter of a British military man, and spending part of her childhood in India, Anna was acquainted with many customs that may have been deemed exotic to the Western world. After school in England, and reuniting with her... Continue Reading →

Review: This book follows the lives of a group of people for one year who work in an office in Cincinnati, Ohio from the years 1922-23, from the start of a young man's employment there until he leaves. All his fellow employees don't know much about each other outside of work, but the book goes... Continue Reading →

Review: Even though this was written for children, I thought it was a good overview of his life, but also gave historical background of the area and cites documents and archaeological finds, which I found intriguing. It has a diagram of the Temple that Herod had rebuilt, as well as where to find different things... Continue Reading →

Review: I never knew a whole lot about John Wesley, other than he was a preacher and the Weslyan denomination is named for him. The book was good, and I came to be fascinated with the trials he went through in his devotion to the Gospel. He was one of 19 surviving children (yes by... Continue Reading →

"Thinly Veiled Advertising"

Review: This is basically a story of a group of friends going on a treasure hunt trying to find a treasure based on a list of clues, which mirrored in real life a treasure hunt with clues from the story. I don't think I could have ever found the treasure based on the clues, besides... Continue Reading →

Start of a new Detective Series

Review: I read this book in a couple of days-- couldn't put it down. Hard-boiled detective Rick Clayton is hired to investigate a rich woman's husband that she suspect is having affairs and maybe a gambling problem. But things are not all as they seem-- the woman's manner was not quite right, there seem to... Continue Reading →

The Count of Monte Cristo

Review: The tale of The Count of Monte Cristo is a story of injustice, betrayal and revenge. Edmond Dantes, the main character, works on a ship and is envied by one of his co-workers, Danglers, for his position and favor with his employers. Edmond is young, and has achieved his position through hard work, honesty... Continue Reading →

Goodness, I haven't been on since June! I have so many reviews to put up! My son was seriously injured in June, and just recently went back to work. So I read (not at my normal pace, but some, though not any ebooks-- he had hijacked my charger so I couldn't read those).  So my... Continue Reading →

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