The Katydid Effect

Review:   The Katydid Effect takes up the story of Alexander and Maryanne Throckmorton where "In A Cream Packard" left off-- from newlyweds embarking on their life together on their horse ranch in Florida to 13 years later, and encounter some challenges along the way. Family secrets and some pain need to be tackled and... Continue Reading →

Review: Empty Suitors is about a middle-aged modern American career woman, Julie, who after 3 decades of marriage, finds herself single again. The dating scene has changed completely from 30 years before, and Julie feels like a fish out of water, not sure where to begin. She tries online dating, speed dating, blind dates, and... Continue Reading →

This book was a short read, and did a pretty good job of holding one's attention. It is about a girl, trained to be a professional killer from a child, working initially in Russia, and later for the CIA, and sent on a mission to Russia to kill the very man than trained her in... Continue Reading →

Review: This is actually the 2nd time I read this-- the first time, earlier this year, I finished just as my son was seriously injured, and didn't get to put up the review. Now that he is back at work and I have my charger back and back online, I am trying furtively to get... Continue Reading →

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