Current Christian Events Thriller

Review: "It Could Happen Here" is a Christian current events thriller that isn't really all that far fetched, despite one of its genres being sci-fi and another dystopian. With all of our social media and technology one does sometimes begins to wonder if all the comments we see communicated are actually from real people. With... Continue Reading →

Cute Children’s Book

Review: Sam was lonely and longed for a friend. Only under the perfect circumstances does an imaginary come along, and when it does, it is special indeed, and that was imaginary Fred. Fred had had real friends before, but only until they had found another real friend, then Fred would fade and wait for another.... Continue Reading →

Indy 500

Review: Even though this was intended for children, I learned quite a bit from it myself. The books introduces children interested in professional auto racing to all aspects of the Indy 500-- its history, facts about the race itself, requirements for the cars, the engine, tires, cockpit, how fit the driver must be, crashes, the... Continue Reading →

Lalibela’s Wise Man

Review: Christian is embittered after his father's death when he finds that his father has left his estate to his 2 ne'er do well brothers and he is left with a note in a box, telling him he will find all the answers to his questions at a small mountain top monastery in Lalibela, Ethiopia.... Continue Reading →


Review: What die-hard book lover doesn't like books about books, or books about the places they are stored, or the sometimes fascinating lives of some of the people through history who championed for books to be available to the common person through libraries? The main focus of "The Library Book" was LA's Central Library, its history,... Continue Reading →

I Play In My Room

Review: A little girl plays in her room, showing the reader the various activities she does through the day-- puppets, reads stories, rides her toy horse, and hiding from her mom. Good for early readers. Original post:

I Am Lost

Review: The cute, fluffy dog see a pretty leaf drifting in the wind and starts chasing after it, only to find himself very lost. He is frightened and see a police officer, who notices his tag with his address and takes him home. Little doggy is happy then! Good story for early readers to practice their... Continue Reading →

Charming story

Review: Wow! What a great book! I like steampunk anyway, and this story encompassed so much of what I love about reading-- a compelling tale that keeps you turning the pages, and author good with words, adventure, and a mystery. To me, it was reminiscent of The Good Thief, which I also loved, but vaguely, and... Continue Reading →

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