Review: The book details the steps she took to recover from PTSD and DID (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Disassociative Identity Disorder). I found it interesting as she recounts bits of what caused the trauma as it relates to that particular chapter. Original post:

Review: A simple book, dealing with the basics of the heart (anatomy and how it works), what can go wrong and treatments. It seems to be intended for approx. middle or junior high students, perhaps if they have a loved one with an heart issue and to understand it better, or for a report. Original... Continue Reading →

Review: I am not a child of the 80's or 90's, so some of the references or 90's oriented dialogue flew right by me-- some things I was able to figure out through context, but others I was clueless about. "I Must Have You" is a bit disturbing. It is a book about mainly 2... Continue Reading →

"The Prayer of Jabez" as it can specifically pertain to women. I read the first one; I liked this one too. I will try it for 30 days and see what happens (that is the challenge).     Original post:

Review: Dystopian and 178 years from now. Sometime between now and then a terrible earthquake/flood/tsunami devastated much of the earth and many died. Shortly before the catastrophe, some enterprising developers had looked skyward to start building cities-- and after the devastation, that is where many of them went. Fast forward 178 years.... the sky- city... Continue Reading →

One of my favorites

Review: What more can be said about this classic than already has? I first read this at 13, and all these years later, I find I still adore it as I did then. I don't have a favorite character, as I like them all evenly for their differences. Original post:

Having been written in the late 1800's, it was interesting to learn how champagne in particular, and also other sparkling wines were made then. I found the book also interesting as it the author, to write the book, had visited the historic chateaus and vineyards, some going back many centuries then, that were still producing... Continue Reading →

Review: I thought that this was a charming book that I really enjoyed. This fairy tale retelling employed a few likeable characters in a story that drew me in. Alicia thinks she is crazy because everyone thinks her mother is crazy, and she thinks she has inherited this problem (though I didn't find either of them... Continue Reading →

Review: Wow-- what a horrible world to live in. After the "Revelations" when the "Prophets" came to power and released upon masses of the global population nanotech, that they unknowingly inhaled, that imbedded itself in people's brains. These mini-computers then would "sense" guilt or other negative feelings by the chemicals those feeling give off in... Continue Reading →

Review: A bitter and disillusioned doctor gets more than he bargained for after moving to a small isolated Appalachian town to start over. I was moved by this touching and inspirational story (told from a faith based, Christian perspective.) Original post:

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