Review: I really liked this book! It had me laughing and crying by turns. It was sweet, and moving, and relateable. Darius is a teenager of American-Persian descent, who has been treated for depression for a few years, something his dad battles with as well. Darius never feels as though he fits in or belongs anywhere--... Continue Reading →

Review: This was a good, quick and clean Christian romance, without being "preachy". Tanya aka "Timber" has been training pretty much her whole life for professional skating. At a competition in Oslo, Norway, she is kidnapped by an international criminal to be used as a pawn and upset trade deals between nations that have upset the... Continue Reading →

Review: Tips for a smooth transition from career to retirement-- each chapter encouraging as the transition can be scary, with a section for notes at the end of each chapter. Original post:

Review: Imagining Violet was a good read for a change of pace. The book begins and Violet is just 16 in the late 1800's traveling to Leipzig, Germany to continue her musical education in the violin at the Conservatory. The entire novel, written in the form of letters to her parents, friends and later her... Continue Reading →

Review: (This is the Spanish verision and I read the English-- but it is the same book). For girls (middle school & up)-- how to do manicures & pedicures. Original post:

Review: Buddy read with Stjepan.....More than the romance part, I thought the character of Gwendoline was especially moving. The love of her life Jean died at the tail end of WWII, leaving her a widow. 4 years later, she is still dealing with crushng grief-- her one constant companion and has had nothing to do... Continue Reading →

Review: For children, the book presents various scenarios that a child may encounter, such as, being exposed to pornography or exhibitionism, molestation, obscene phone calls, rape, etc. and what to do if experiencing any of those situations. Each incident is told from the perspective of a child to make it relatable. Original post:

Review: After reading "Fearless", I had to find out how the whole story started, and had to get this. Now I know how "The Prophet" came to power, why everyone embraced the craziness, and everything else that led up to book #2. I enjoyed it, and again, what a scary place the world would be... Continue Reading →

Short story sci-fi

Review: An unusual sci-fi story. Earthlings have been abducted from Earth and awake in an unknown place, each given a set of instructions and if they don't comply, they are promptly punished. They are each provided with some basic essentials and told to follow a path until they reach a destination, though none of them... Continue Reading →

My Chutes and Ladders Board.

Reblogged from: bestwineforlast For some reason I cannot get my game board to appear on here.    is what I rolled   1. Author is a woman - "I Must Have You" finished 2. Genre: mystery 3. Set in the twentieth century 4. Published in 2019 5. Published in 2018 6. Title has a color word in it... Continue Reading →

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